10 strange side effects can be caused by stress

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10 strange side effects can be caused by stress

bodystress (10)Can the concerns of life and the many commitments and even follow my lunch system that cause stress, and despite the fact that stress can be a positive thing where he says McGrail, a Doctor of hypnotherapist clinical in Los Angeles and also the author of “The Synthesis Effect: The” Stress is a response to physiological and emotional for a particular threat “, and H be annexed” it’s biologically supposed to be a term condition Short to get us out of the case of a threat or danger, “but the problem is that modern society often creates stress in the long term, which can be devastating for both the mind and the body where that stress can be his strange side effects we will learn about 10 of which are as follows.


1-  Stress slows recovery after exercise


Can high levels of stress hormones, which move around inside your body to prevent it from recovery and recovery after exercise, according to a study in the Journal of the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, where the study authors assessed the relationship between mental stress and recovery after exercise with the participation of 31 university students and Ojdo students who have high levels of stress did not Eetmknu to regain their strength after exercise by assessing the energy and fatigue feelings and pain of Dehm.oicol JJ Vierge, Ph.D, a doctor and trainer Fitness famous that high cortisol levels cause breakage muscle and fat storage, chronic stress keeps the levels of this hormone is high and thus delay the recovery after exercise, adding that yoga exercises can help restore recovery faster.


2-  Stress affects your memory


Study of revisions neuroscience from nature the Nature Reviews Neuroscience says that trying to remember where your car keys becomes more difficult when you are nervous about your access to your appointment on time, and the study shows that stress creates changes in the brain that can result in long-term consequences of mental performance, linking study the other from the University of Iowa between the high levels of tension with the changes in the memory center of the brain in the short term in older mice, says Dr. Vierge that “stress can cause blurry to your memory even remember simple things become a huge obstacle, he said, adding that going for a walk out and relax It helps get rid of stress and maintain your memory.


3- Stress causes weight gain


Is it possible to stress that increases the weight ?? That seems to be true, according to a study published in the journal Obesity, which followed 5,000 people over five years, where he found that psychological stress, including life events have related to being overweight, but not his loss, and says Pamela Peeke, MD, a consultant scientific elements behavioral health elements behavioral health and author of the book “the Hunger Fix.” people tend to eat sugars and fatty foods and salty foods when they feel nervous addition, research suggests that eating fatty foods at higher levels of cortisol lowers the metabolism, advises Peeke replace unhealthy snacks healthy ones.


4-  stress keeps you awake at night


Stress due to labor issues or life events can make you fluctuate Fraht throughout the night and deprive you of restful sleep, and this loss of sleep could be the cause of many health problems, including a higher risk of heart disease risk, obesity and weakens the immune system, the problem is, it’s a vicious circle, where the aggravated tension and depression and insomnia, says Dr. Vierge that the exercise of 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week save you from stress and makes you sleep better.


5-  stress weakens the immune system


A study published in the Bulletin magazine psychological shows that chronic stress can make fend off viruses difficult for you by weakening your immune system, it is interesting that the same study shows that stress in the short term, such as a sudden reaction to the situation or event causes beneficial changes in the device immune, but chronic stress has the biggest negative impact on the immune system, which researchers believe it may be due to hormonal changes.

6-  Stress stimulates hair loss


Can be a dramatic event or stress can cause hair loss for two to three months after it occurs by Dr. Robert Doreen hair expert in New York, where the hair loss is due to the requirement for stress affects the hair growth phase, leading to thinning hair, and could pressure Alnevsaho / or physical such as depression, anxiety and lack of sleep to a chronic disease called effluvium télogène which does not cause permanent damage and improves better stress.


7-  Stress affects sexual performance


Stress can also affect your sexual performance, says Mohammed Mirza, MD, an expert on men’s health and the founder of the site erectiledoctor.com that stress can increase the interest in sexual activity with the man he felt nervous about intimacy itself and can lead to anxiety about performance as a man, and the constant stress can also cause chemical changes and hormonal that can exacerbate sexual problems which appear in the form of erectile dysfunction, and / or loss of libido Mirza says that stress-induced anxiety about performance can be treated more effectively with the help of therapists or qualified mental health professionals who deal with sexual dysfunction in men.

8-  Stress affects vision


The eyes are also affected by stress, ranging from eye stress-related cramps Statistics eye symptoms to blindness hysterical (or reduced peripheral vision), according to Andrea Thau, OD, a spokeswoman for the American eyewear specialists Association (AOA), and requires the treatment of blindness hysterical determine the underlying cause of stress , and the most common symptoms that can occur due to stress, we find muscle contraction waveform, in addition to the elimination of the cause of stress, Thau recommends using hot and cold compresses alternately or drink activated water containing quinine, and if continued for a few weeks, this rarely happens, you may need further evaluation by an eye doctor.


9- Stress causes Type II diabetes


Swedish study says that men are under chronic stress have a higher risk much developing diabetes type 2, compared to men who do not suffer from stress or tension where the level of tension evaluated in more than 6,800 participants in the study of men on six points focus on the basis of factors such as irritability, anxiety and circumstances at work and at home, and the results showed that men who reported suffering from permanent stress and work-related or the conditions inside the house in the previous five years had a higher risk of 45 percent for diabetes and to get rid of the tension that can affect your health , you must learn how to adapt and adjust according to Pamela Peeke, MD.


10-  Stress causes allergy attacks

If you notice an increase in your allergy symptoms, it can be related to the pressures of work or at home, according to a study by Ohio State University, The study involved 179 patients and lasted 12 weeks, and found that the increase associated with allergy attacks, an increase of daily stress, says Pamela Peeke, MD the regular practice of meditation can help relieve stress.