90 thoughts, quotes and proverbs about smiling

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If one wants more smiles in life,
We must create the conditions for them to appear.
Dalai Lama

A smile is a secret key that opens many hearts.
Robert Baden-Powell

The smile opens the door of the soul.
Vladimir Ghika

Knowing how to smile:
Force of gentleness, of calmness, of radiating power.
Guy de Larigaudie

Smile is free.
Doug Horton

Do not wait to be happy to smile,
Smile rather to be happy.
Edward L. Kramer

When you smile at life, she gives you her smiles.
Jean-Claude Brialy

And it is sometimes in a glance,
In a smile that is hidden the words that one never knew how to say.
Yves Duteil

One day joy, one day sadness, every day smile.
Sebastien Fauvel

Too often we underestimate the power of a smile,
A word of encouragement, an attentive ear,
A compliment or a little helping hand. These actions
In fact the power to transform the world one life at a time.
Leo Buscaglia

The one who can smile while stolen steals
Himself something to his thief.
William Shakespeare

Those who smile tend to direct, teach or sell
With more efficiency, and their children are generally happier.
James U. McConnell

Mouse to the world and the world will smile at you.
Sister Emmanuelle

Try to smile, just make that effort, smile at dawn,
From morning to night, it does not look like anything, but look at the other, listen to him,
To smile, to take an interest in him, in my opinion it is the beginning
Of the human being, the difference between the beast and man.
Sister Emmanuelle

It is not those who are lucky who smile;
It is those who smile who are lucky.
Sister Emmanuelle

Let us keep smiling and life will appear brighter.
Our optimism will put us in
The impetus to act effectively around us.
Brother Derotteleur

We must keep a few smiles to make fun of the days without joy.
Charles Trenet

We must take life as it comes,
With a good smile of a child on awakening.
Jean-Marie Guyau

It is not as precious as the smile of those we love.
Romain Guilleaumes

Peace begins with a smile.
Mother Teresa

We will never know all the good
That a simple smile can be able to do.
Mother Teresa

We must always meet with a smile,
For the smile is the beginning of love.
Mother Teresa

The revolution of love begins with a smile!
Smile five times a day to someone you do not have
Any desire to smile. You must do it for peace.
Mother Teresa

Life is like a mirror.
If you smile at her, she will send you your image.
Louis Nucera

Love and compassion are the mother and father of a smile.
We must create more smiles in our world today.
The smile, after all, opens the way to a happy world.
Steve Maraboli

Happiness is not the smile you post
When you are facing others but the one that remains to you
In the heart when you are facing yourself.
John Joos

Smile is the universal language of goodness.
William Arthur Ward

Smile is the most delicate and sensitive sign
Of the distinction and the quality of the spirit.
Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve

The dimples of a pretty smile are pearls
Which make a beautiful soul a jewel.
Romain Guilleaumes

Your look, your smile, and your attentions
Can be a source of happiness.
Thich Nhat Hanh

Joy is often the source of the smile.
But sometimes it is the smile that is the source of joy.
Thich Nhat Hanh

A little nothing is a smile to distribute on its way.
It’s almost nothing but it’s a lot.
This makes them happy and contagious.
Abbot stone

A smile costs less than electricity,
But it gives so much light.
Abbot stone

A smile very often sufficed two beings to unite a whole life.
Publilius Syrus

A warm smile is the universal language of goodness.
William Arthur Ward

A smile is a bit of love lying on the lips.
Ariane Angeloglou

A true smile in the face of life is a care that
One offers to one’s body and one’s mind.
Véronique and Davina

The secret of success, the secret of happiness, is to demonstrate
What you want to have. If you want smiles, good looks,
Give smiles and good looks.
Omraam Michaël Aïvanhov

Every stroke of anger is an old blow;
Every smile is a youthful blow.
Chinese proverb

The smile you send comes back to you.
Hindu Proverb

Our smile is often a reflection of the joy we feel.
But conversely, our joy may be the result of our smile.
Anonymous author for this and the following quotations

It only takes a moment to sketch a smile,
But his memory is sometimes unforgettable.

It is when a man no longer smiles
That he is the most seriously ill.

It’s not because a person smiles all the time,
That his life is perfect. This smile is a
Symbol of strength and hope.

Learning to laugh at oneself is a joyful journey towards serenity.

It’s contagious: become an official distributor of smiles.

This facilitates the learning of children:
When a parent or an educator smiles, the child learns better.

The one who is extinct, dull, closed or tense,
It is avoided; While the one who is smiling and radiant,
We look for his company.

The smile is a wonderful antidote to our sorrows.
It comforts us when we are sad and
Helps fight our worries.

The smile is the shortest distance between two people.

The smile enriches those who receive it
Without impoverishing those who give it.

The smiling person will be qualified more kind, more sociable
And even more competent than a person not smiling.

The best way to dismantle to life
That we appreciate it is to smile.

Laughter is the song of the soul. The smile is his refrain.

Be the reason why someone smiles today.

No one is so rich or so powerful that he can do without it
And no one is so poor that he can not get rich by giving it.

People smile in the same way in all languages.

A smile is a means of communication. It is pleasant and captivating.
Without him one would be indolent beings. When we
Smiles make people happy.

The smile makes friendships more enduring and families happier.

The flowers need sunshine, the man needs to smile!

A smile is a light at the window of
The soul which indicates that the heart is there.

A smile creates happiness in the home,
Encourages benevolence in business and seals friendship.

A smile gives rest to the tired being,
Gives courage to the most discouraged, consoles in sadness
And is an antidote to nature for all sorrows.

All the reasons are good for smiling.

Nothing is more beautiful and powerful than a smile
Stuck in tears.

To laugh or smile is to bite with good teeth
In what life has best to offer us.

Smiling is the best way to show teeth to fate.

Find one good reason to smile, you will make happiness
Of your entourage and yours. If you can not, think of the smile
That you have been made, your smile will be even more intense.

When you meet a man too sad to give you
A smile, be generous and offer yours yours. Nobody has
No more need for a smile than one who can not give it.

Make your smile change the world,
Not that the world changes your smile.

Sometimes it only takes one smile to light up a whole day.

The smile is to beauty what the flowers are in spring.

You can let your smile change people,
But do not let people change your smile.

A good smile is still what most dries tears.

Mouse when you answer the phone,
The person at the end of the son will feel it.

To smile is to rejuvenate by ten years;
To sadden oneself is to make oneself white hair.

At the bottom of your heart, a germ of tenderness
Is only waiting for a warm smile to develop.

It is enough to create a smile
But it only takes a smile to make it all possible!

The smile only costs the pleasure of offering it or plucking it.

The best gift that can be made to me
Is the smile of a happy child.

Mouse to life and she will smile at you.

Sometimes joy, sometimes sadness, but always smile.

If sometimes you meet a person who does not give you
Not the smile you deserve, be generous, give it yours.

The flower does not worry about who will have the
Happiness to savor its perfume, it perfumes, that is all.
Let us do the same, smile.

Happiness is the smile of the soul.

Hang a smile on your face, it allows it to express all its beauty.

A sincere smile is hope reborn.

A face needs a smile to communicate its beauty.

A smiling face is the most beautiful of all landscapes.

The smile is like the perfume of a flower
Which embalm the place where it is.

You’re never completely dressed
As long as you do not smile.

Regular use of a smile can be very beneficial for health.