How to Beat Stress



How to Beat Stress!

What is stress? beat stress


Not as thought and as is common to fatigue as a result of the effort may be making the effort, as will become clear to us is one of the pillars to get rid of fatigue .. In order to understand this dilemma is to look in the following first and recognize the fact that stress ..

thats feeling stressful Oonevsah silent because of emotional or physical problems ..


Young people are the most vulnerable to stress at the level of the world

  • Stress stress factors when feeling the ability to do something not many things that we deal with it ..
    And a lot of people are suffering from stress, but became very popular in the world .. and many differ in their reactions when stress ..
    It is possible that a person can not feel stress resistance and is not able to do anything .. and someone else will be a catalyst defended him to accomplish a lot of work stress.
    • There are many demands of life .. especially labor and financial problems faced by most of the people are so rich ..vaghanny no cure magic of the problems as we know .. but it could be the cause of all the problems psych and health .. Also, poverty .. and even people who are what between the two cases .. all get tired and we know the causes, symptoms, treatment so that we can overcome a lot of obstacles of life.
    • It is certain that stress affects how you feel and your mind and all your actions and your body to see how it works?
    Of the signs of stress:
  • sleep problems and lots of sweating, loss of appetite and difficulty concentrating .. and we’ll explain more in detail in the next lines ..
    And absorption with depth in excess of the limit thinking a stressors
    • When a person is exposed to shock or something scary whatever – depicts the brain immediately as a threat .. and then sends the brain signals to all parts of the body that is preparing to defend .. and changing hormones quickly and without control .. Secreted body chemicals such as adrenaline .. which stimulates the fight or flight response, or.
    • These hormones increase heart rate and blood pressure disorder .. because the brain asks a lot of oxygen and glucose so the body can control in all muscles .. and also increases breathing and be fast and sweating to cool the body muscles that prepared all ready ..

    To interact with the event .. It is:
    How a person’s willingness to deal with situations that cause stress to him ..
    Such as :
    • Talk pressure times such as what we have money, fixtures, connections and work .. However treats the body and the brain in every way with the positions either negatively or positively .. so feel muscles of the body fatigue, as well as tired brain pressure is not secreted any hormones stop this tension.

Symptoms of stress:

  • Everyone faces stress as I mentioned .. but we have to leave some signs of stress, including:
    1 – Fixed and closed thinking.
    2 – inability to concentrate.
    3 – the feeling of being in a bad judgment.
    4 – only a negative view of events around you.
    5 – anxiety and confusion of ideas.
    6 – a temporary disruption in the memory “wandering mind.”
    7 – variability and change in the mood of unease.
    8 – nervousness .. sometimes quiet and sometimes angry.
    9 – an inability to relax.
    10 – the tyranny of the temporal sense of all emotions.
    11 – loneliness and that of those around you could not understand.
    12 – depression.
    13 – self-scolding and sometimes it comes to self-flagellation.

One of the manifestations of anger fatigue while at the same time is one of its causes
14 – Loss of appetite or food intake is less than usual.
15 – long periods of sleep and too much in some people .. and others can not sleep.
16 – long isolation deliberately. Or at least interact with people more than ever over you.
17 – negligence or delay of duties and responsibilities.
18 – the impact on the various organs of the body are upset.
19 – aches and pains in the body without any diseases.
20 – sometimes diarrhea and sometimes constipation .. This situation is different from one person to another.
21 – nausea, dizziness and possible fainting and sometimes vomiting.
22 – pain in the chest area without the presence of any disease.
23 – it is possible to activate some seasonal allergies without allergic disease.
24 – could a person get to irritable bowel.
25 – loss of sexual desire.
• The symptoms of stress are caused by other problems .. we have not covered, or not known to the same person. In this case it go to the doctor to determine the causes of stress .. It is possible that stress due to migraines and eczema Oorabo Owalsdwih or other diseases.

The causes of stress

Sometimes we face problems due to the lack of anything that causes stress ..
However all that remind him of the very common causes of stress.
Such as :
1 – the requirements of the person may not be able to implement .. Whether at work or at home or with friends.
2 – the sudden change in the types of business, such as employment or other work outside the home.
3 – lack of emotional control if any sudden attitude happened.
4 – financial matters in all their conditions.
5 – ties as possible to where the difficulty to communicate, whether at work or with family or friends.
6 – unemployment and killed talent, whatever the reasons.
7 – shock or hear disturbing news or sad or mournful.
8 – change domicile or residence in the place it is unusual.
9 – exams .. The whole family declares state of emergency due to exams.
10. pregnancy and breastfeeding.
11 – divorce.
It can be a stress because of small things accumulated
With the passage of time has caused severe stress ..
For example :
• things that have happened in the past and deeply affecting a person may Atanasha but they are stored in memory .. and at the first possible position does not have a degree of extreme difficulty, but someone has to stress as a result of what has already been passed by ..
It is very useful to try to tell the difference between the stress whether temporary or long-term ..
• The temporary stress goes perfectly when solving the problem or the reason for the demise .. The long-term stress may affect public health and the damage caused to the psychological situation and neurological diseases and be a deadbeat impact on those around you.


Diagnosis of Stress

  • There is no any particular test or specific for the diagnosis of stress .. because it is not a disease but condition affecting the body’s systems to some imbalance in public office and reminded them many ..oama you feel a state of distress because of the above signs also subject talking with those close to you may be in a position doctor psych who listens well and guide you to solutions that will help you if the situation is serious and long-term .. if you do not have to understand it the physician consult is appreciate the people who tutor the correct treatment .. because the doctor is usually exposed to the same stress, it would be close to your condition and give you to deal with the situation useful tips ..
    • Many people with stress are reluctant to ask for help as an emergency and will be gone .. Yes, it is an emergency situation and will be gone .. but you must talk to any one of the family, friends or a doctor .. it makes you feel something of improvement though talking it tips useful will be gone as soon as the situation .. and this is the best deal on your own and stress tolerance pressure psychologically and morally alone ..
    What good friends and doctors if ..
    • Try to be convinced that the cause of stress possible risks as mentioned if neglected .. must deal with the situation with all the conviction even though it was feeling a little tired .. reminded us that it is the accumulation of a few small things and result in the greatest difficulties .. It is very maxim verdict
    “Most of the fire from the sparks underestimated.”

The proposed methods available for the treatment of stress:

  • There are many ways to treat stress of which I will describe in the next lines .. and the treatment depends on your personal circumstances .. thigh what suits them .. If you can not treat stress on your own or with the help of a close to you ..
    Here comes the role of the doctor needed because it will Anaakeck in all the things that’s very good to help you ..
    • To be able to treat stress must know the problems or events that led to it ..
    This is called cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) ..
    If the roads that did not work Snzla doctor is correct.

Self-help method of treatment:

  • The practice of some exercise, though even in the house for half an hour a day is an effective way to reduce the symptoms of stress and this in accordance with global health organizations .. and there is evidence from research studies that physical activity reduces the risk for depression .. and helps to quiet sleep .. and also helps to reducing hormones that secrete due to stress .. It also helps physical activity on production
    .. Hormone endorphins which make you feel better in public health as a result of the regular movement of the body.
    • Sport walking much help in the treatment of stress because they regulate all body systems .. and less time to practice any sport suits you is two and a half days a week ..
    Half an hour every five days each week ..
    This period is enough for the treatment of stress ..

There are other ways possible help in dealing with stress better:

1 – Try to take sufficient sleep and cared about the quality of food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables and try to take a healthy lifestyle.
2 – you must know the limits of your ability in carrying things .. not carry yourself more than you can bear.
3 – know the reasons that cause stress and try to stay away from them as much as possible and try to change the way of thinking .. and must speak with one of your friends or associates you or a family member.
4 – tried in various ways to completely away from everything that has upset you or make you feel upset.
5 – you must accept the things you can not change them and focus on what you can actually change it.
6 – Try to set aside time for recreation or to practice some hobbies and changing daily routines .. This way make you feel comfortable and the neglect of these things may be a key cause of stress.
Entertainment, hobbies and favorite treat essential to get rid of stress
7 – Change is always thinking of the negative to the positive, even if not true, but you must enter yourself optimism .. and look to see where the other problems resolved soon you may see that you were not you see and you think the negativity and anger.
8 – Try to reduce the drugs that may be the cause of stress and replace them with natural herbal treatment, if possible.
9 – Some people who have experiences with stress say that the contemplation of nature is very effective treatment resistant strain .. Meditating in a beautiful landscape helps to calm and relax the body and psychological comfort, which makes you think more calmly.
10 – attend worship God calms and heals a lot of ailments and self nerves and cleanses the body of the soul.

The latest treatments for stress:

(CBT) This is a modern treatment:

  • Slot know how it looks and ideas that affect your feelings .. the positive results that come back to you some benefit and satisfaction with what is going on around you .. This way challenge the negative thoughts and feelings of sadness and anger.
    • (CBT) can help to treat and resolve a lot of problems, such as difficulty sleeping and problems on the public and private relations and dealing with depression .. .. This way of therapy focuses on thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that pass by and how to deal with them and called:
    (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) .. and this way it is possible to participate in one of those close to you and talk to him like you talk to yourself out loud This is a wonderful treat a way to help yourself without a doctor or medicines .. and be this way, such sessions, for example, continues for a period ranging between five weeks to 20 weeks and every week will be a session for 30 to 60 minutes .. it treats the symptoms of stress and protects you from depression that may be caused by negligence in the treatment of stress.

Drug treatment

  • medicines are not at all helpful in the treatment of stress .. because a lot of chemical drugs cause stress of origin ..

Complementary Therapies

  • Many useful herbal remedies .. and also sports and meditation in the landscape .. Some people prefer Acupuncture .. but there is no sufficient evidence for the complete treatment and cure of stress in these ways.
    • favorite aromatherapy and massage the muscles and the body is very comfortable to stress and this method is effective treatment, God willing, and smells good granulocytes have occurred in self relaxes the nerves from the center in the brain.

Favorite perfume humans help him to relax

  • It is possible to find herbal remedies .. but we must use what fits the situation until the side effects undesirable does not occur at all .. because there is a stimulant herbs and you need to be calm and comfort ..
    You must know the appropriate types ..

I would advise not to use any herbs only after consulting a pharmacist or a trusted expert in herbs secretariat