The effect of stress on the sexual relationship


The effect of stress on the sexual relationship

Stress – as it is known – the reaction of physiological allow us to mobilize our resources and all our energies to do what helps us in the face of a dilemma or a hazard imminent us, which is very normal if the pots. However, its continued harmful, and reflected negatively on our body, which is facing increasingly difficult to interact and adapt to diverse pressures. As well as the psychological impact on our situation, we may end up to fall under the weight of the large number of stimulus emotional, psychological and physical ….

Reactions vary from person to person, some people are less likely to be affected by bending before the pressure of the urgent matters that they must attention. Several factors may destroy us to stress and synchronized with the undesirable symptoms in particular, loss of appetite and declining libido. Often we turn in this case to the introverted and Intabna insomnia and fatigue is increasing and declining sexual our activity, which may end up disappearing. Well, we may see a decrease in appetite, or vice versa, the emergence of bouts of bulimia and all these things will not be signed unless a negative impact on the physical and psychological our immune.
There is a typical pattern for the person to show stress injury, a man or woman. List causes of stress for long, we recall, including in order of importance: occupational health and financial problems, and the sense of insecurity on the physical and psychological levels. While in contrast, it seems to age and aging and reduce the pressure of professional activity and the absence of the boys from home, an ideal guarantees to relax and enjoy life.
The failure to find a solution to stress leads to the emergence of a ruling serious symptoms of depression is the most important, especially if the person concerned has prepared for it. There are also other relevant results it is the most important post traumatic stress disorder.


While declining desire.
We all know the benefits of sex work anti-stress, but few of us realize the negative impact of the latter on the sexual life; the decline in the desire or in the frequency of sexual relations or problems and complications in sexual performance … all of which can be Tfajkh intimate lives. It suffers more than two of every five people from stress, as one suffers from five people from frequent or occasional erectile dysfunction in men or lack of vaginal lubrication in women, and in most cases, these problems are psychological origin or with common or psychological reasons partly . Stress also affects negatively in our sleep. But, unfortunately, rarely we take advantage of insomnia, which in this case Intabna to enjoy intimate moments, with our sexuality is often the first victim.

Indeed, recognizes four out of 10 people suffering from stress, that of the latter a negative impact on their sex lives: We are witnessing in 86% of cases, a decline in the frequency of sexual relations and even a decrease in desire. In 29% of cases it may be the cause of stress in the concrete and real erectile dysfunction in men and lack of lubrication in women. These problems are not bound by a factor of age, but they vary greatly from one person to another, according to his handling and managing stress.

On the other hand, it is generally agreed that sex and intimate moments in bed virtues and merits serious: nine out of ten people find that doing regular and satisfying sexual relationship leads to a decline in stress.

However, for different reasons, and in other circumstances might have sexual relations counter the influence of stress, such as fear of failure in a sexual performance, which may be a concern. This is puzzling, it comes first the chicken or the egg … which causes stress disorders and sexual functionality in turn, are a source of deep concern, which brings us back to the vicious circle of stress.

Fatigue and loss

Many cases can adversely affect sexual desire and lead to their decline. It is the case, any issue is difficult to live with the emotional and requiring settlement with the self and modifications on a personal level, as happens in the case of mourning the loss of a loved one, or the loss of work, or fatigue, emotional, or change in the level of responsibilities, or switch the place of residence Navigation or unwanted, or concerns about personal future or the future of the parents or children or disease are difficult to accept.
Busy person concerned these difficulties which may be paid to mobilize energies and his attention and focus on the problem to solve, whether adaptation with them or meet them. This is what leads to a lack in the midst of this case, sufficient energy to the pursuit of closer emotional or any sexual act. Once again, this will not be signed unless a negative impact on the desire.

Mechanism more active

Emotional rapprochement is important and vital when faced with difficulties and crises. But self compel the sexual act in such cases could lead to frustration and a sense of wanting decline. But that does not mean neglecting sex life and put it aside because the closer to the other sex, and even in the darkest circumstances, it certainly gives us a better feeling than we are.

Here I can not fail to mention that sexual mechanism of action is subject to the influence of nervous systems: the first and second catalyst inhibitor (frustrating). On the one hand, it encourages to relax the arteries and cavernous cavernous smooth muscle, allowing blood to flow and get erections and lubrication, as a nervous system for second on the other hand, the impact of clutch and the Strait, and thus is the antithesis of excitement. The stress stimulates the latter mechanism.

The real danger lies in the possibility of entering into a real vicious circle. The man and women who already have suffered from the problems, infects deeply concerned by which it is impossible to get an erection or lubrication. But the position of the partner (s) play a pivotal role in preventing slipping into the vicious circle of failure.