The effects of stress on our health



The effects of stress on our health

Most of us know that the pressure and tension and stress has many adverse health effects, but what recourse do this study, recently published in the National Academy of Sciences, and conducted by a group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, has shown and the exact way in which It may affect the permanent tension and pressure on our health, and how to increase the symptoms of the disease and difficult to cure it when we are under the influence.

The immune system’s ability to fight diseases, and infections specifically affected dramatically by a factor of pressure and tension, as Sheldon Cohen says one of the researchers in this study, a summary of its findings, “when we are under pressure and stress, the immune system cells are unable to respond to control hormonal , and thus will produce more inflammation and encourages the continuation of the disease, and it is known that many diseases caused by inflammation, such as heart disease, cardiovascular, asthma, and others, and this explains the persistence of the disease for a longer period when people who suffer from stress and tension. ”

And research has been mentioned earlier, that the disease tension and pressure correlation was Iggsa for two reasons Ahtmaliyn, namely that people who suffer from stress and Alsguet are usually people who live the life of an unhealthy pattern, that’s what makes them more vulnerable to the disease, and the second reason is the probability is due to the imbalance of hormone It happens to the body in case of injury tension and pressure, and resorted this study to suggest a second goal after the experiment and research.

The study on a sample of 276 people examined, patients caught a cold, and was healthy for them quarantine for five days, and is worth mentioning that the symptoms to pass it due to colds, do not be because of injury but because of the body’s resistance to them and trying to heal, and what happened with people who suffer from stress and anxiety is the inability of their body to control inflammation induced tension.

It is worth mentioning here, that raised the pressure and tension are not limited to the weakness of the body’s ability to resist disease, but the signal is also a recent study, the constant exposure to pressure and tension affects the frontal lobe of the brain, which is the manager who runs a different brain functions, making stress significantly affects the brain’s activities and his work.